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Interest Accounts

Compare interest rates, withdrawal fees, and other factors, across the top CeFi platforms. Find the best place to earn on your crypto.

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Base APY (paid in kind)
Withdrawal Fee
Sign Up Bonus
Additional Info
Nexo logo  Nexo
3% on first $25k
1.5% for over $25k
7% on first $4M (APR) - requires locking asset for 1 month, maintaining a ratio over 10% for NEXO tokens vs rest of portfolio, and receiving interest in NEXO
network fees; one free withdrawal per month if maintaining a ratio over 10% for NEXO tokens vs rest of portfolio
Finblox logo  Finblox
network fees + 0.000042 BTC
up to $250 in USDC
may take up to 48 hours to withdraw logo
0.20% (APR)
7.00% (5.00% in kind + 2% in CRO) APR, on first $3,000 of total assets in fixed terms

highest rate requires locking asset for 3 months, and staking (holding for 6 months) $40,000 worth of CRO
0.0006 BTC
$25 in CRO
max total assets that can earn interest is $500,000 (up to $2,000,000 based on how much CRO staked)
Ledn logo  Ledn
1% on first 2 BTC
2.5% for over 2 BTC
network fees
$10 in USDC
may take up to 7 business days to withdraw
Abra logo  Abra
network fees + withdrawal fee from Bittrex (Abra's custodian)
none currently
Not your keys, not your coins.

Lending your crypto can carry significant risk. Consider using a non-custodial, hardware wallet such as Ledger, Trezor, or Jade.

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