All Withdrawal Fees By Platform Earn Withdrawal Fees Logo Earn Withdrawal Fees of Apr 2024

The table below shows the Earn withdrawal fees of April 2024, for each supported cryptocurrency and stablecoin. Note: These are the withdrawal fees for only the assets that are part of the Crypto Earn program.

Withdrawal Fee
0.5 ADA (Cardano)
0.0001 ADA (Cronos POS)
0.3 ADA (Cronos)
0.5 ALGO (Algorand)
0.9 ALGO (Cronos)
0.009 APT
0.0055 ATOM (ATOM)
0.02 ATOM (Cronos)
0.005 AVAX (AVAX)
0.0012 AVAX (Cronos)
0.0005 BNB (BEP2)
0.005 BNB (BSC)
0.0006 BTC
1 CRO (Cronos)
0.001 CRO (Cronos POS)
200 CRO (ERC20)
10 DAI (ERC20)
0.18 DAI (Cronos)
0.1 DOT (DOT)
0.0001 DOT (Cronos POS)
0.025 DOT (Cronos)
0.01 EGLD (EGLD)
0.003 EGLD (Cronos)
0.005 ETH (ERC20)
0.001 ETH (Arbitrum One)
0.003 ETH (Arbitrum Nova)
0.0004 ETH (ZkSync Era)
0.0001 ETH (EthereumPoW)
0.00015 ETH (AVAXC)
0.00008 ETH (Cronos)
0.000035 ETH (Polygon)
0.0004 ETH (OP)
0.1 FTM (Fantom)
0.4 FTM (Cronos)
25 MATIC (ERC20)
0.02 MATIC (Polygon)
0.2 MATIC (Cronos)
0.1 NEAR (Cronos)
0.0008 ONE (ONE)
11.6 ONE (Cronos)
0.008 SOL (SOL)
0.002 SOL (Cronos)
16 USDC (ERC20)
0.8 USDC (Polygon)
0.18 USDC (Cronos)
1 USDC (Arbitrum One)
1.28 USDC (Optimism)
1 USDC (Stellar Lumens)
16 USDT (ERC20)
0.18 USDT (Cronos)
0.8 USDT (Polygon)
1.25 USDT (Optimism)
1.2 USDT (SOL)
0.05 VET (VeChain)
4.9 VET (Cronos)
0.4 ZIL (ZIL)
7.8 ZIL (Cronos)

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