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Voyager Interest Rates: Current Earn APRs vs Previous

Current Voyager interest rates vs previous. Side by side comparison of the new and old rates to earn interest on your crypto. See the recent APR changes of each cryptocurrency and stablecoin.

What Are the Voyager Interest Rates / Earn Rates?

The table above shows the current Voyager interest rates. It also displays the previous rates, so you can see the recent rate changes. Some rates may vary based on location. At the top of the table is a toggle to change location between the United States and International.

What APY / APR Does Voyager Offer?

The Voyager rates shown in the table above are in APR (Annual Percentage Rate), unless otherwise specified. APY (Annual Percentage Yield) takes into account compound interest, whereas APR does not.

What Coins / Tokens Are Available on Voyager to Earn Yield?

The table above lists the coins / tokens available for earning interest on Voyager, along with the current and previous rates. The coins / tokens supported by Voyager may vary based on the location chosen in the toggle.

What Are the Recent Voyager Rate Changes?

The table compares the new Voyager rates against the previous rates, so that you can see which ones recently changed. Rates that changed are highlighted. You can also select the checkbox above the table to only show assets with a rate change.

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