Withdrawals have been halted on various platforms.  Lending your crypto can carry significant risk.
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Best CELR (Celer Network) Interest Rates of Sep 2023

Compare the best CELR (Celer Network) interest rates and withdrawal fees of Sep 2023, from the top crypto interest accounts. Comparison of the best CeFi platforms to earn on CELR, so you can maximize your Celer Network APY / APR, and earn yield.

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Base APY (paid in kind)
Withdrawal Fee
Sign Up Bonus
Additional Info
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0.10% (APR)
5.00% (3.00% in kind + 2% in CRO) APR, on first $3,000 of total assets in fixed terms

highest rate requires locking asset for 3 months, and staking (holding for 6 months) $40,000 worth of CRO
1,000 CELR (ERC20)
3.5 CELR (Cronos)
$25 in CRO
max total assets that can earn interest is $500,000 (up to $2,000,000 based on how much CRO staked)

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Best CELR Interest Rates

The table above compares the best CELR interest rates. As you’ll notice, there are base rates and max rates. Since the max rates often have certain requirements, such as locking the asset for a fixed amount of time, the best Celer Network interest rate will depend on your willingness to fulfill any of those requirements.

For example, platform A might have a higher base rate than platform B, but platform B can offer a higher max rate if you lock your CELR for one month. So the best CELR interest rate would depend on your willingness to lock the asset.

Where To Earn the Highest CELR Yield

The max APY column will show where you can earn the highest CELR yield, depending on your willingness to fulfill any requirements specified. Some platforms also have tiers, as specified, so you may only be able earn the highest CELR interest rate on the first X amount of CELR.

In addition, there is a toggle above the table where you can change the location between United States and International. The platforms and Celer Network rates may change for US vs non-US. The table also includes other details relevant to determining the highest CELR interest rates, such as pointing out when a platform is unavailable in a specific US state.


The table shows CELR rates in APY (Annual Percentage Yield) by default. However, some platforms advertise their rates in APR (Annual Percentage Rate), so the table will specify when rates are in APR. APY takes into account compound interest, while APR does not. If a platform has CELR rates in APR, you can use tools like this to convert CELR APR to CELR APY.

Best CELR Staking Rates / Best CELR Lending Rates

For earning yield, staking CELR is sometimes used interchangeably with lending CELR. So those looking for the best CELR staking rates to earn interest might be looking for the best CELR lending rates to earn interest. With the CeFi platforms covered here, you are lending your CELR to centralized entities, as a way to earn yield on CELR.

How To Earn Interest on CELR

To earn interest on CELR, an individual would create an account, then there is usually a KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify your identity. From there, you can often just deposit CELR to start earning interest. To earn the highest CELR APY, as shown in the max APY column, there are sometimes other requirements, as specified in the table.

Why Earn CELR Interest

The high yield offered by CELR interest accounts is likely the main reason an individual would want to earn CELR interest, rather than letting it sit idle.

However, there is always risk that you lose some or all of your assets. For example, a CeFi platform could halt withdrawals on the coins you deposited. Do your own research to make sure you understand all the risks of any particular cryptocurrency, or platform holding your crypto. No cryptocurrency or platform is without risk.

Best CELR Interest Account / Best CELR Savings Account

CeFi platforms are sometimes referred to as crypto interest accounts or crypto savings accounts (though very different from traditional bank accounts). The best CELR interest account / best CELR savings account might vary based on an individual’s preferences and situation.

For instance, some platforms have tiers, so what might be ideal for one person, might be less ideal for someone with a much higher amount of CELR. You also wouldn’t want to use a platform that you believe is too risky, even if everything else seems ideal.

Sign Up Bonuses

Nexo - 1) Sign up through this referral link. 2) Complete Advanced Verification. 3) Top up (deposit) at least $100 of any supported asset. 4) Must keep porfolio above $100 for at least 30 days. You'll earn $25 in BTC.

Crypto.com App - Sign up through this link using referral code 6k4dx8gb6c. Stake (deposit for 6 months) $400 in CRO for the ruby card tier or above, and you'll receive $25 in CRO.

Finblox - 1) Sign up through this link. 2) Pass the “Verified” level in Identity Verification. 3) Deposit assets within 7 days of signing up, and maintain balance for 30 days. 4) You'll earn a bonus of up to $250 USDC, based on the amount you deposit / maintain. See reward payout table here.

Ledn - Sign up through this referral link, and complete KYC. Then deposit at least 75 USDC or 0.0015 BTC, and hold for 15 days or longer. Deposit must be made within 30 days of opening an account. You'll receive 10 USDC.

Abra - Abra has no sign up bonus currently. Feel free to sign up through this link or using referral code RC7F4APFN.