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Base APY (paid in kind)
Withdrawal Fee
Additional Info
BlockFi logo  BlockFi
4.5% on first 0.1 BTC
1% for 0.1 to 0.35 BTC
0.1% for over 0.35 BTC
0.00075 BTC, but 1 free crypto withdrawal per month
unavailable in the states of NY and KY
Celsius logo  Celsius
6.2% on first 1 BTC
3.51% for over 1 BTC
unavailable in the states of NY, KY, and WA
Nexo logo  Nexo
up to 6.00% - highest rate requires locking asset for 1 month and owning 10% of portfolio in NEXO tokens
network fees, but 1-5 free withdrawals per month depending on how many NEXO tokens you hold
unavailable in NY; also unavailable for new sign ups in KY, AR, TX, NJ, AL, WA, OK, or VT
Hodlnaut logo  Hodlnaut
7.46% on first 2 BTC
4.08% for 2 to 10 BTC
2.02% for 10 to 100 BTC
1% for over 100 BTC
0.0004 BTC
Vauld logo  Vauld
6.70% - must lock asset for 1-6 months
network fees
Ledn logo  Ledn
6.1% on first 2 BTC
2.25% for over 2 BTC
network fees
may take up to 7 business days to withdraw; unavailable in AL, CT, HI, KY, LA, NJ, NY, TX, WA, Washington DC logo
1.50% (APR)
up to 8.50% APR (6.5% in kind + 2% in CRO) - highest rate requires locking asset for 3 months, and staking (holding for 6 months) $40,000 worth of CRO
0.0004 BTC (BTC)
0.0001 BTC (BSC)
0.005 BTC minimum deposit; max total assets that can earn interest is $500,000 (up to $2,000,000 based on how much CRO staked); unavailable in NY
Gemini Earn logo  Gemini Earn
free to withdraw from Gemini Earn to your Gemini Trading Balance; 10 free withdrawals per month from Gemini Trading, then 0.001 BTC
can take up to 5 business days to withdraw
Voyager logo  Voyager
5.75% (APR)
up to 7.25% (APR) - highest rate requires holding 20,000 VGX in your portfolio
withdrawal fees are dynamic, fee is shown at the time of withdrawal
0.01 BTC minimum monthly balance; may require up to 7 days to withdraw; unavailable in NY

Sign Up Bonuses

Hodlnaut - Sign up through this referral link or using referral code xZXkU6omx, and make a deposit equivalent of US $1,000 on any supported asset. This deposit must be in a single transaction and within 1 week of your first test deposit. You may make a test deposit of any amount. You'll receive a $20 sign up bonus, paid in the same asset deposited.

Celsius - Sign up using the referral code 1854129a7a, transfer in $400 or more, then hold for 30 days. You'll earn $50 in BTC. To sign up, follow this link and click on 'Sign Up', or sign up through their mobile app on iOS or Android.

Voyager - Sign up using GAB05A7C6 in the 'Reward Code' field, then deposit and trade at least $100 to earn $25 in BTC. You'll need to sign up through their mobile app on iOS or Android. Promotion only available to US residents currently. App - Sign up through this link using referral code 6k4dx8gb6c. Stake (deposit for 6 months) $400 in CRO for the ruby card tier or above, and you'll receive $25 in CRO.

Vauld - Sign up through this referral link or using referral code cefirates to earn lifetime bonuses on your activity. You'll receive a bonus of 2.5% on the interest you get paid on your assets, 2.5% on the interest you accrue on your loans, and 20% on the fees from your trades.

Nexo - 1) Sign up through this referral link. 2) Complete Advanced Verification to confirm your identity. 3) Within the first 3 months, top up (deposit) at least $100 of any supported asset (in one transaction), and keep that in your account for at least 30 days. 4) You will receive a $10 reward in BTC, instantly available and unlocked in 30 days.

Gemini - Sign up through this referral link, then buy or sell $100 or more within 30 days of creating your account, and you'll receive $10 worth of BTC.

Ledn - Sign up through this referral link, take out a loan for at least 30 days, and you'll receive 25 USDC.

BlockFi -  Sign up through this referral link to earn up to $250 in BTC. See the terms on the referral link page for details.

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